Statutory auditing
7 February, 2019
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Special audits

The approach of our special audit service comprises the development of four stages: understanding of the engagement, identification of risks, evaluation of internal control and compliance, and the development of substantive audit tests.

We perform selective audit procedures on those areas, processes, operations, acts, statements, documents, records and assets owned or held by the entity, to obtain sufficient and competent evidence regarding the matters on which the legal standards in force and applicable to the company to date have been uniformly applied to all its transactions. Finally, as a deliverable, we issue the report based on the International Standards on Auditing -NIA.

Our professional team examines and evaluates the operation of your company from various perspectives, can focus on its finances, accounting in general, internal control, financial statements, processes and procedures among others, can be oriented to seek a specific goal, such as sustainability, or limited to ensure that the organization is aligned with regulatory requirements.

In addition to being great allies of your company's compliance, our audits can help detect problems within the business and in the long term, contribute to the continuous improvement of your company and boost your results. These results serve as a reference for third-party agents, whether they are members of the company itself or of any official body or institution that has requested the implementation of the audit.

  • Process audits
  • Transaction audits
  • Accounting due diligence
  • Tax due diligence
  • Legal due diligence
  • Compliance due diligence
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