Payroll Outsourcing
7 November, 2019

Accounting outsourcing

We are a public accounting firm specialized in tax accounting and information assurance services.

As a differentiating market proposal, our accounting outsourcing solution has been designed to deliver useful and timely information for decision making. To achieve our goal, this solution is specially adapted to your company and your daily needs.

The information and communication technologies have allowed our work to be developed from different places and even more, it can be consulted at any time, this is how we have developed an online accounting solution in which our customers share their information more easily and securely, in this way our team is responsible for processing the information remotely and timely.

We advise companies that need to control their business by cost centers to companies that must report abroad, we structure everything from the initial moment of parameterization in our accounting software. Our management ends the process by sending a report with useful financial indicators for decision making.

Added values of our service:

  • Useful, timely and reliable information
  • Adequate accounting classification and causation
  • Correct debugging of accounting balances
  • Analysis and reporting of the financial situation
  • Financial statements under NIF
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