Payroll Outsourcing
7 November, 2019
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Tax outsourcing

We are a public accounting firm specialized in tax accounting and information assurance services.

Our solution has been designed with the purpose of attending the processes related to the compliance and assurance of tax obligations, which will allow you to focus on the development of your business.

For the above, we will apply the best tax practices allowing you to minimize risks and tax contingencies.

In the event that we find tax optimization alternatives for the company, these will be made known to the management so that they can make the best decisions.

Since the accounting information is the main basis for settling tax returns, our work is focused on a correct parameterization of your accounting system with the objective that the reports are reliable in accordance with current tax regulations.

Added values of our service:

  • Minimization of tax risks and contingencies
  • Adequate tax parameterization of the accounting software
  • Timely and adequate filing of tax returns
  • Business adaptation to regulatory changes
  • Creation of strategies to take advantage of tax benefits
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